Beth Newman


Hi I’m Beth, a mother, midwife, celebrant, educator and friend.

In these various roles I believe in sharing knowledge freely and respectfully, and understand the nature of creating a sacred space in which everyone feels comfortable being their true selves.

I am a practising midwife of eleven years, with experience in public health and private practice. I have assisted, facilitated and supported many women and families, through the pregnancy, birth and post-natal time.

I am passionate about informing women of their choices in pregnancy, childbirth and early parenting in a non-judgemental environment. I believe in the intuitive nature of parenting and feel honoured to witness women become mothers to each new baby with choice, confidence and belief.

For me being a midwife is about coming back to basics, whilst I believe no two women will birth the same, I do believe that all women require love, support, empowerment and trust, and as a midwife I am happy to facilitate this process.

Love Beth x