Why Should I Choose Private Midwifery Care?

Research has demonstrated that a woman who receives continuity of care from her midwife for pregnancy, birth and post birth is: 

  • More likely to have a normal birth
  • More likely to have a more positive birth experience
  • More likely to successfully breastfeed her baby
  • Less likely to use pain relief
  • Less likely to have a caesarean birth
  • Less likely to have a pre-term baby
  • Less likely for her baby to be admitted to special care
  • Less likely to suffer post natal depression

Why should I choose Coast Life Midwifery for my pregnancy, birth and post birth care?

Our team of midwives at Coast Life Midwifery are all experienced midwives who provide continuity of care throughout your antenatal, labour, birth and post birth experience. We believe in a woman’s ability to birth her baby with the support from a midwife she knows and trusts. Our care is woman centred, providing professional and personal Midwifery care.  At Coast Life Midwifery we believe in the importance of developing a good relationship and partnership with you, this will help you feel confident to birth your baby in the way that is unique to you. We recognise the benefits for women and their families when they receive care from a known midwife. Research shows, women are likely to have a more positive experience and be satisfied with their maternity care provider. Women are less likely to have a caesarean and less likely to need pain relief in their labour compared to women who receive fragmented care from different care providers. Women develop trusting relationships with their midwives and are more likely to achieve a natural birth and be more successful with breastfeeding.

What will my Midwifery care cost?

We have affordable pricing options, as we believe all women should be able to access continuity of midwifery care. The initial appointment is always bulk billed through medicare, where all fees and options 

Does care at Coast Life Midwifery attract any Medicare rebates? 

Yes, Medicare rebates are available for all your antenatal and postnatal care. Medicare rebates are available if you choose to birth at the Sunshine Coast University Hospital under the care of your own private midwife, however you will not attract a Medicare rebate if your birth is planned in your home or in another hospital. 

Do I need a GP referral?

You do not need a referral for our services. You can contact us directly via phone, email or facebook and we can organise a bulk billed appointment for you to discuss all your choices and options with us. 

Am I still able to be cared for by Coast Life Midwifery if I develop a problem in my pregnancy ?

At Coast a Life Midwifery we offer an all risk model of care and follow our College of Midwives guidelines for consultation and referral. We work in collaboration with the Obstetric team and other health professionals at the Sunshine Coast University Hospital if the need arises. Informed decision making and consent for women in our care will always be central to any decision making surrounding your care

Coast Life Midwifery midwives all work collaboratively with a number of health professionals and we will facilitate a consultation in a timely manner if you require further care in your pregnancy, birth and post birth.

Can I have a Home Birth?

 Yes, women choose to give birth where they feel safe and supported. Evident and current research demonstrates that planned homebirth is shown not to increase the risks of perinatal mortality and severe perinatal morbidity among low – risk women. 

Can I have a water birth? 

Yes, all the midwives at Coast Life Midwifery are accredited  to care for you if you choose to use water for labour or birth in the water. Sunshine Coast University Hospital has a birthing pool for women for labour and to birth in if they choose. If you are planning a homebirth we have birthing pools for you to access.

If I have had a Caesarian before, can I still have a private midwife?

Yes we can still care for you if you have had a previous caesarean. We are able to provide support, assessment and counselling if you choose a VBAC. We facilitate consultation with our medical colleagues and work collaboratively to provide optimum care.

What if I need I help after I have had my baby? 

Coast Life Midwifery provide support for feeding and settling problems with your baby. This care is provided regularly to help identify problems early and prevent any major complications from occurring. All our midwives are expert in breastfeeding issues and we also have a Lactation Consultant who can provide a range of additional services including assessment of tongue ties and tongue tie release.