Group Antenatal Education and Care at Coast Life Midwifery

Connecting with other women and learning all about pregnancy, labour, birth and what to expect in the newborn period is what Coast Life Midwifery is offering through their Midwifery Group Practice option. This is a wonderful opportunity to share knowledge and ask questions in an environment where all questions are appropriate.

Beth our beautiful midwife who leads the group creates an environment that is welcoming and fun to be a part of. During the session lots of practical ideas are discussed and learning is supported through the use of many props and photographs.

Your antenatal check is part of this group session and the other midwives at Coast Life Midwifery are available for these individualised checks.

If you would like to be a part of this innovative model of antenatal care then phone Coast Life Midwifery on 07 5441 4882 to find out more or to book a complimentary appointment to discuss this option with a midwife