Jaime-Lee Hind

ZenThai Shiatsu Massage

Jaime initially began her bodywork journey in 1998 with a Diploma of Remedial Massage. She loves the sense of movement and full bodied connection found through ZenThai Shiatsu. As a mother, her direct experience of three pregnancies with natural births infuses her prenatal and postnatal care offering.

Jaime’s background in dance and Aquatic Bodywork influences how she works, offering movement-based gestures to bring dialogue to a client’s fascial system, inviting an opportunity for increased awareness and an unwinding through the body. The fluency of this movement to such a degree that after a treatment clients often say they feel like they were in the water.


ZenThai Shiatsu is a fusion of thai massage, shiatsu and osteopathic techniques… a unique fluid modality working with the fascia and pressure points, addressing musculoskeletal as well as organ system imbalances by accessing the meridians based on Traditional Chinese Medicine. Besides a variety of nurturing gestures, a treatment may utilise the use of Moxibustion, Chinese Cupping or Bellywork.

Where separation and disconnection is a growing reality, this modality offers an antidote to our nervous system… with sensitive body contact and a unique approach to moving and working with the body… ZenThai Shiatsu creates a feeling of being held that most people haven’t experienced since childhood.

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