Labour and Birth Care

At around 28-32 weeks gestation, your Midwife will provide a birth preparation visit, at this visit your labour and birth will be discussed, your birth plan revisited, including your birth preferences and choices. A handout will be given to help you and your family with your decision making when the time comes.
From this time a midwife will be ‘on call’ for you when you are in labour and as your labour progresses may assess and support you at home for your birth and/or accompany you to the hospital where ongoing midwifery care will be provide for you and your family. Or home with a second midwife if you choose a home birth.
For all normal birth care your Midwife will be your Lead Carer. All our Midwives are accredited with visiting rights to Nambour General Hospital across the full scope of midwifery practice.
If your birth is planned for home, then you will have your Midwife and a second known midwife to support you at home.
All our midwives promote normal birth and believe that most women can achieve a normal physiological birth experience. Water immersion and/or water birth are actively supported for all women who are eligible. Your Midwife will provide you with further information on the benefits of using water during labour and birth.
A bath is available at Nambour general Hospital, in addition to this our midwives can bring in a portable birthing pool and we also have portable birth pools available for women eligible to birth at home.
Most importantly, if for any reason you or your baby needs assistance during labour and birth, then we work closely with the hospital team to ensure you have the most optimum experience. If at any time complexities arise during labour and birth, then your midwife caring for you will continue to provide continuity of midwifery care and support in collaboration with the hospital midwifery, obstetric and neonatal teams. Your midwife will advocate for you and facilitate informed decision making at all times.