Torsten Hughes

TorstenHughes_horiz | 0421 362 323

Craniosacral Therapist

State of Flow Craniosacral Therapy

Registered Craniosacral Therapist (Australia)

Specialising in Newborns.

Torsten is an experienced pediatric therapist (qualified Osteopath in Germany), having trained in France, Germany and the USA. He has over 6 years experience treating newborns for various birth-related and developmental issues.

Parents take their newborns to Torsten to correct their baby’s blocked jaw causing feeding problems and not gaining weight, tilted and / or flat heads and rotated hips. Sleeping issues, arching backward, high irritability and colic are also symptoms that have been treated effectively with Craniosacral Therapy.

With gentle movements and next to no pressure, babies enjoy having their torsions and tensions released, so that they can regain full motion and function. At times, parents and grandparents require treatment – all are welcome at State of Flow Craniosacral.

A dad of 3, Torsten has accompanied natural and caesarian births (including twins) first hand. He is passionate about finding the root cause of any symptom, and applies a gentle but effective treatment approach to removing the reason for a health concern.

All too often he sees adults or seniors who have built themselves around their blockages and misalignments, often right from their own births. With just a few treatments, parents of newborns can help their child grow straight and true.

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